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Paul Binnie, Scottish, b. 1967

(Rosoku no akari)

oil on stretched canvas, signed at lower left, BINNIE, with artist's red stylized date 98 within a rectangular cartouche, annotated in the artist's hand on verso, PAUL BINNIE TOKYO, and again in with a different pen, 1994 & LONDON 1998, ca. 1994

25 5/8 by 20 7/8 in., 65 by 53 cm

As indicated with the annotations on verso, Binnie painted this composition while living in Tokyo in 1994. Initially, the background was nearly jet-black, as is the background on the related stencil print, Candlelight, produced in that same year. However, in 1998 (while still living in Japan), after completing the painting Bright Sunlight, Binnie reworked the background of this painting by lightening the tone slightly with a gradation of deep green on the upper half. After he left Japan at the end of 1998, he tended to add his name and current location of 'London' on the verso of most of his paintings as matter of course for future potential loans while recording the inventory of works in his studio.