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Scholten Japanese Art Gallery
rimpa March 22 to March 26, 2002
International Asian Art Fair
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Damrosch Park
West 62nd Street, New York City
Benefit Preview for the Asia Society: March 21

ghostPlease look for SJA at the International Asian Art Fair! We are delighted to be participating for the first time in this prestigious show and will be offering a refined selection of Japanese works of art. Highlights include an unusually delicate early 18th century Rimpa school two-panel screen of Flowers and Trees of the Four Seasons. SJA will also be exhibiting a rare early 19th century 'spitting ink' lacquer suzuribako (writing box). This much-sought subject, illustrating a courtesan forming characters shinobu koi (secret love) by spitting ink on a wall,spitting is in remarkably good condition. The composition is taken directly from a design of renowned ukiyo-e artist Nishikawa Sukenobu (1671-1751) after an illustrated book, Ehon tamakazura, first published in 1717 (for comparison see illustration).

SJA will also be featuring a grouping of high-quality netsuke at the art fair. Highlights include an 18th century ivory dog by the famed Kyoto school artist Okatomo; an eerie 19th century female ghost carved in bone; a slightly suggestive, a 19th century befuddled ivory octopus on a clamshell by Genryosai; and an unsigned 19th century deceptively erotic ivory mother with baby.

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dog octopus mother and child