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Yoshu Chikanobu Make-up

Yoshu Chikanobu, 1838-1912

Customs and Manners in the Eastern Capital: No. 6, Make-up
(Azuma fuzoku: Roku, sho)

with shomenzuri (burnishing) on the beauty's hair and karazuri (embossing) on the ribs of the uchiwa fan to her left; the series and print title at the upper right, Azuma fuzoku roku, signed Yoshu Chikanobu with artist's seal Yoshu, dated along the left margin, Meiji sanjuyonnen kyugatsu (Meiji 34 [1901], 9th month) followed by the Tokyo address and telephone number (2286) of Matsuki Heikichi, 1901

oban yoko-e 10 by 14 5/8 in., 25.3 by 37.1 cm