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Torii Kotondo Summer Bonito detail
Torii Kotondo Summer Bonito
Torii Kotondo (1900-1976)
Summer Bonito (Hatsugatsuo)
hanging scroll, ink and color on paper; signed Kiyonobu hitsu with artist's seal Torii, with tomobako signed Kiyonobu hitsu with artist's seal Torii, and titled Natsu kubi (summer-head)
painting 14 1/8 by 18 1/4 in., 36 by 46.4 cm
overall 47 1/4 by 25 3/4 in., 120.5 by 65.5 cm.
Bonito fish have two season in Japan- the arrival of hatsugatsuo or shogatsu (lit. first bonito) at the fish market in signals the beginning of summer when they are caught traveling from south to north. In the autumn they are known as modori gatsuo (lit. returned bonito), as they return from the north and migrate south for warmer waters during the winter months.

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