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Miyagawa Shuntei, 1873-1914
Elegant Customs and Manners of Today: Evening Pleasure Boat
(Tosei fuzoku-tsu: Yusan-bune)

with details highlighted with lacquer, silver and karazuri (blind printing), signed Shuntei Gyoshi, dated on left margin of left sheet, Meiji sanjuninen yongatsu (Meiji 32 [1899], 4th month), with publisher's double fish-shaped seal of Fukuda Hatsujiro (formerly Fukuda Kumajiro) dated again with publisher's address, and with carver's seal below, Nisei Hori Ei (Watanabe Tsunejiro), ca. 1899
oban tate-e triptych 75.5 by 36.6 cm, 29 3/4 by 14 3/8 in.
price: $ 1,600