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Katsukawa Shuncho, fl. 1780 - 1795
Couple Beside a Brazier

benigirai-e ('avoid red' print) with metallic printing on the hibachi and both obi; an over-eager man pins down the wrist of his lover as if to prevent her from interfering with his positioning, ca. 1788
oban yoko-e 9 3/4 by 14 5/8 in., 24.8 by 37.3 cm
As there is no evidence of bedding they are likely in an indiscreet setting and she disapproves of the location: “"I don’t want to do it here, please let’s go the bedroom and let my hand go!”" But her lover is impatient and answers “"Here or there, but I’m about to be inside you, moving is impossible.”"
Highlights of Japanese Printmaking Part 4: Shunga, Scholten Japanese Art, 2014, cat. no. 33
price: $ 4,600