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Kunisada II
Utagawa Kunisada II, 1823-1880
Actors Bando Hikosaburo and Kawarazaki Gonjuro I

signed Kunisada ga with the artist's Toshidama seal, censor's date seal U-hachi, aratame (year of the hare [1867], 8th lunar month, examined), carver's seal Horiko Ushi of Tanaka Hori Ushi, and publisher's seal Yamajin, han of Yamashiroya Jinbei of Sansendo
oban tate-e triptych 14 1/8 by 29 1/8 in., 36 by 74.1 cm
The actor Bando Hikosaburo V is in two unread roles on the left and right sheets, (1832-1877) and the actor Kawarazaki Gonjuro I (Ichikawa Danjuro IX, 1838-1903) is in an unread role in the center sheet.
price: $ 850