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Toshi Yoshida, 1911-1995
Village of Plums
(Ume no mura)

with artist's seal on lower right, Yoshida to, dated on the left margin, ichi-kyu-go-ichi nen saku (made in 1951), followed by the Japanese title in kanji, Ume no mura, with English title printed on the bottom margin and with pencil signature, Toshi Yoshida, ca. 1951
oban yoko-e 10 5/8 by 15 3/4 in., 26.9 by 40 cm
Yoshida's title, Village of Plums, is a literal translation of the name of the then Village of Ome (or ume, 'plum'). Located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis today, Ome was elevated to city status in 1951, the same year as the date on this print. Appropriately, Ome-shi Plum Park is planted with a beautiful grove of plum trees considered one of the best locations for early spring plum blossom viewing in Japan.
price: $ 600