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Shibata Zeshin, 1807-1891
Walking Okame Fan Print

with the figure of Okame walking on a cloud of printed silver, on original fan mounting, with teal brocade storage bag and wood storage box, signed Zeshin and sealed Shin, with publisher's seal on verso, Fukumusume, Hanaki jo (Fukumusume, Hanaki Brewery), printed ca. 1950s
length 9 5/8 in., 24.5 cm
diameter 15 1/8 in., 38.5 cm
According to the appendices based in part on Zeshin's son Reisai's monograph, Senko Shibata Zeshin (My Father Shibata Zeshin) and compilied by Martin Foulds in Howard Link's exhibition catalogue of the O'Brien collection, the combination of the restrained Zeshin signature in sosho and Shin seal on this print correlates with the second signature style which Reisai dates to ca. 1832-40. However the seal on the verso indicates this was produced by the Fukumusume Brewing Company which was founded in 1951, presumably in a small edition for their clients at a celebration or as a New Year's gift. The fine printing and mounting as a folding fan (rather than a simpler and more economical flat uchiwa fan) suggest Zeshin's work was held in high esteem and perhaps that it was commissioned based on access to the original painting.
Howard A. Link, The Art of Shibata Zeshin: The Mr. & Mrs. James E. O'Brien Collection at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, 1979, appendices pp. 183-193
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verso seal