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various sosaku hanga artists,
Collection of Works by the Print Appreciation Society: Vol 2
(Hanga kanshokai sakuhin-shu: ni)

a group of twelve small format prints in original brown paper portfolio with series title on woodblock printed label, the interior of the portfolio with a list of artist's and print titles prepared by Takei Takeo (one of the contributing artists), each woodblock print tipped-in to mat backing with protective tissue cover attached along top edge, with publication copyright printed on the mat beneath each print identifying the artist and title and stamped number 89 from a limited edition of 500, the prints variously signed or sealed within the compositions; published by Hanga Kanshokei, ca. 1960
each mat 14 1/2 by 11 1/8 in., 36.8 by 28.3 cm
The prints are identified as follows:
Photography Studio (18.7 by 14 cm), by Kawakami Sumio (1895-1972)
Crystal (17.7 by 13.4 cm), by Maeda Masao (1904-1974)
Autumn at Lake Haruno (13.3 by 15.2 cm), by Maekawa Senpan (1888-1960)
Castle in Autumn (Matsue Castle) (17.5 by 12.7 cm), by Hashimoto Okie (1899-1993)
Somon (22.6 by 14.2 cm), by Yamaguchi Gen (1896-1976)
Stone Fish (21.8 by 14.7 cm), by Mizufune Rokushu (1912-1980)
Interior Still Life (21.2 by 13.1 cm), by Kawanishi Hide (1894-1965)
Haniwa (19 by 14.3 cm), by Mabuchi Toru (1920-1994)
Flower and Bird (12.6 by 17.2 cm), by Takei Takeo (1894-1983)
Poppies (14.2 by 17.7 cm), by Inagaki Tomoo (1902-1980)
The Observing Eye (23.8 by 18.2 cm), by Azechi Umetaro (1902-1999)
Moulin de la Galette, Paris (22.6 by 14.7 cm), by Sekino JunÂ’ichiro (1914-1988)

Art Institute of Chicago, for Azechi Umetaro's 'The Observing Eye,' dated 1959, acquisition no. 1962.304
Artist Kakunen (Tokutaro) Tsuruoka (1892-1977)
price: $ 1,400