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Hiroshi Yoshida, 1876-1950
Evening on the Chikugo River, Hita
(Hita Chikagogawa no yoru)

brush-signed in sumi ink, Yoshida, with artist's seal Hiroshi, with artist's jizuri (self-printed) seal in upper left margin, the date and title below, Showa ninen saku (made in Showa 2 [1927]), Hita Chikugogawa no yoru, and in penciled Roman script on the bottom margin, Chikugo River, Hiroshi Yoshida, ca. 1927
dai oban yoko-e 11 by 16 in., 28 by 40.7 cm
This impression, with a predominately blue-green palette, compares more closely with the Muller impression illustrated in The New Wave and the Toledo impression illustrated in Fresh Impressions than the grey-brown variant illustrated in Ogura.
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Carolyn Putney, et al., Fresh Impressions: Early Modern Japanese Prints, Toledo Museum of Art, 2013, p. 286, cat. 292
price: $ 3,200