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Oda Kazuma, 1881-1956

with artist's mark Oda at lower left, and title in block Romanji letters, SHINOBAZU, probably self-carved and self-printed; inscribed in sumi ink on verso, Shinobazu Ike Sekkei, Oda Kazuma hanga
oban yoko-e 10 by 13 7/8 in., 25.5 by 35.4 cm
Many artists of the first half of the 20th century drifted back and forth between the two poles of s˘saku-hanga and shin-hanga. Oda Kazuma was an artist who was able to produce notable works by both means; that is, with a publisher or independently. Born in Tokyo, he studied Western-style painting with Kawamura Kiyoo (1899-1934) and lithography with Kaneko Masajir˘. Kazuma worked primarily as a lithographer, but he was also an ukiyo-e enthusiast, publishing two books on the subject. He was a contributor to H˘sun ca. 1909-11, an art magazine co-founded by Ishii Hakutei (1882-1958); a founding member (and only lithographer) of Nihon S˘saku-Hanga Ky˘kai (Creative Print Society) in 1918; Y˘fű Hangakai (Western Style Print Society) in 1930; and Nihon Hanga Ky˘kai (Japan Print Association) in 1931. And yet, with all his s˘saku-hanga associations, in the 1920's he designed six shin-hanga type woodblock prints published by Watanabe. This print is likely an example of his self-carved and self-printed works.
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price: $ 1,700