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Kawanabe Kyosai, 1831-1889
Japanese Brocade Prints from the Genroku Era: Syllable Yu, Okuda Sadaemon Yukitaka
(Genroku Yamato nishiki: Yu, Okuda Sadaemon Yukitaka)

a lavish printing with lacquer on the kai awase (shell game) container hurtling through the air, the name of the ronin in the red cartouche at the upper left, Okuda Sadaemon Yukitaka, signed Oju Seisei Kyosai zu with red artist's seal, with publication information in yellow cartouche, Takekawa Seikichi (Sawamuraya Seikichi, c. 1855-1903) and address, and Kyosai's name and address, dated above, Meiji jukyunen nigatsu jugonichi otodoke (Meiji 19 [1886], February 15th)
oban tate-e 15 by 10 3/8 in., 38 by 26.3 cm
price: $ 1,500