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Utagawa Hiroshige, 1797-1858
Famous Places in the Sixty Odd Provinces: Hoki Province, Ono, Distant View of Mount Daisen
(Rokuju yoshu meisho zue: Hoki, Ono, Daisen enbo)

signed Hiroshige ga with publisher's seal Koshi-Hei (Koshimura-ya Heisuke), carver's seal Hori Take, date seal Usha-juni (12th month, year of the ox [1853]), and censor's seal aratame (examined)
oban tate-e 14 1/4 by 9 3/4 in., 36.1 by 24.9 cm
Mount Daisen, also called Oyama, was the highest mountain in Hoki Province. Halfway up the mountain is the Daisen Buddhist temple, and on the summit is the Ogamiyama Shinto shrine. The mountain held a very important religious significance, and its shrine was considered the most sacred place in the region.
Marije Jansen, Hiroshige's Journey in the 60-odd Provinces, 2004, p. 110, cat. no. 41
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (, from the Bigelow Collection, accession nos. 06.823.41, 11.16780, and 11.26248
price: $ 4,500