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Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, 1839-1892
Individual Pictorial Biographies of the Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai: Kanazaki Togoro Minamoto no Noriyasu
(Seichu gishi meimei gaden: Kanazaki Togoro Minamoto no Noriyasu)

signed Yoshitoshi hitsu, with publisher's seal Marujin (Maruya Jinpachi), numbered ju-ichi (eleven), and combined censor and date seal Mi-ni, aratame (year of the snake [1869], 2nd lunar month, examined)
chuban tate-e 9 3/4 by 7 1/8 in., 24.8 by 18.1 cm
The ronin Kanazaki Togoro Minamoto no Noriyasu stands with sword drawn beside a screen.
Robert Schaap, Appendix II in Yoshitoshi: Masterpieces from the Ed Fries Collection, 2011, p. 160, no. 34 (illus.)
Philadelphia Museum of Art, accession no. 1978-129-156
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