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Paul Binnie, Scottish, b. 1967

with pink mica on the water, signed in gold kanji at left, Bin-ni with artist's circular seal Binnie in silver, marked in sumi ink on the bottom margin, A/P, titled in kanji, Yuge, and signed Paul Binnie, 2007
dai oban tate-e 16 5/8 by 11 1/2 in., 42.1 by 29.2 cm
For each design in the Edo Ink (Edo zumi) series Binnie produced non-tattoo versions in smaller editions of only thirty impressions. The alternate palettes emphasize the nudes themselves, juxtaposing the exposed skin against rich red or pink grounds, and eliminating the ukiyo-e references found in the cartouches, signatures and pictogram seals. The female nudes sold out very quickly and are already scarce.
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A Hundred Shades of Ink of Edo: Harunobu's Bathtub, 2007