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Tobei Kamei, 1901-1977
Popular Hanga Vol. 1: Twelve Hours of the Movie Actress
(Taishu Hanga: Kinema joyu juni toki)

signed Kamei Tobei, published by Taishu Hanga Kyokai, ca. 1931
hashira-e 11 1/8 by 4 5/8 in., 28.4 by 11.6 cm
This print was the first in an intended series of twelve which were meant to be released in a magazine called Taishu hanga (Popular Prints) published by the Kyoto-based printmakers Tokuriki Tomikichiro, Asada Benji, and Kamei. The series, featuring images of the ultimate moga (modern girl), the cinema actress, would be a deliberate reference to the great ukiyo-e master of the beauty, Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806) and his famous series depicting courtesans of the pleasure quarters: Twelve Hours of the Green Houses (Seiro junitoki).
Accompanying the print in the first issue published in August 1931 was a teaser for the series which described: "Finally, from the next issue we will publish Kamei Tobei's 'Twelve Hours of the Cinema Actress.' A cocktail of erotic grotesque nonsense. So please look for it." The second issue, released in November of the same year, included the next design in the series, titled Morning, 9:30 (Gozen kuji sanjuppun). Unfortunately, the magazine folded after the second issue and the series was never completed.
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