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Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, by series

One Hundred Aspects of the Moon
   Tsuki hyakushi
no. 51, Lady Gosechi
no. 44, I wish I had gone to bed immediately, but now the night has passed, and I watch the moon descend
no. 10, Moon of Pure Snow at Asano River, Chikako, the Filial Daughter
no. 61, Gojo Bridge Moon
Moon and Smoke
no. 53, Sumiyoshi full moon -Lord Teika
no. 4, The Gion District
no. 14, Tsunenobu
no. 49, Like reflections in the rice-paddies...
no. 73, Jade Rabbit, Sun Wukong
no. 1, By now you must be near Komakata, a cuckoo calls -Takao
no. 42, Moon of the enemy's lair -Little Prince Usu
no. 59, In the Moonlight Under the Trees a Beautiful Woman Comes
no. 33, Dawn moon of the Shinto rites -festival on a hill
no. 62, Moon of Enlightenment
no. 64, Mount Mikasa
no. 67, Joganden moon -Minamoto no Tsunemoto
no. 69, Season temple moon -Captain Yoshitaka
no. 75, Hidetsugu
no. 81, Moon of the Red Cliffs
no. 83, As I am about to enter the ranks of those who disobey, ever more brightly shines, the moon of the summer night -Akashi Gidayu
no. 84, Cloth-Beating Moon, Yugiri
no. 85, Moon of the Lonely House
no. 86, Taira no Tadanori
no. 87, Moon of Kintoki's mountain
no. 88, Pleasure is this, to lie cool under the moonflower bower, the man in his undershirt, the woman in her slip
no. 92, Monkey-music moon
no. 95, the moon's invention, Hozo temple
no. 20, Suzaku Gate moon -Hakuga Sammi
no. 77, Lunacy -unrolling letters
no. 8, Moonlight Patrol - Saito Toshimitsu
A Glimpse of the Moon; Kaoyo
The Cry of the Fox

New Selection of Eastern Brocade Pictures
   Shinsen axuma nishiki-e
New Forms of Thirty-Six Ghosts
   Shingata sanjurokkaisen
Thirty-Two Aspects of Customs and Manners
   Fuzoku sanjuniso
Fifty-Three Stations with a Folding Fan
   Suehiro gojusan tsugi
Tokyo Restaurants and Their Very Beautiful Dishes
   Tokyo ryori sukoburu beppin
A Modern Journey to the West
   Tsuzoku saiyuki
One Hundred Tales of China and Japan
   Wakan hyakumonogatari
Eastern Flowers of Rough Stories from the Floating World
   Azuma no nishiki ukiyo kodan
Eight Views of Warriors in the Provinces
   Shokoku musha hakkei
Yoshitoshi’s Courageous Warriors
   Yoshitoshi musha burui
Valor in China and Japan
   Wakan goki-zoroi
Essays by Yoshitoshi
   Ikkai zuihitsu
A Comparison of the Special Dishes of Restaurants in the Imperial City
   Koto kaiseki beppin kurabe
Eight Honorable Ways of Conduct
   Meiyo hakko no uchi
Yamato Shinbun Supplements
   Yamato Shinbun Furoku
Beauties and Seven Daytime Flowers
   Bijin shichiyoka
Individual Pictorial Biographies of the Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai
   Seichu gishi meimei gaden