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Isoda Koryusai Under the Kotatsu

Isoda Koryusai, fl. ca. 1764-1789

Under the Kotatsu

from an untitled series (with some sheets signed); a couple makes love while seated at a kotatsu (heated table), she steadies herself with one hand braced on the tatami mat while he wraps an arm around her back and leans in for a kiss, through a window to the right we can see a pelting rain in contrast to the cozy interior, a two-panel screen frames the room and is signed in seal form, Koryu, ca. 1770-71

chuban yoko-e 8 1/4 by 11 1/8 in., 21.1 by 28.1 cm

This impression published:
Klompmakers, Japanese Erotic Prints, 2001, p. 99, cat. C.10