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Twelve Bouts in the Way of Love

1: Frontispiece

The series opens with three couples enjoying each other's company with food and drinks. The finely appointed room is decorated with a large standing screen, arrangements of flowers, and a hanging scroll on display in the tokonoma (alcove). The blossoming plum chosen for the decorations and the closed shoji panels suggest that it is a cold season.

Isoda Koryusai, fl. ca. 1764-1789

Twelve Bouts in the Way of Love
(Shikido Torikumi Juniban)

complete set of twelve oban prints, the frontispiece signed Koryusai ga, ca. 1775-77

each oban yoko-e approximately 9 1/4 by 14 7/8 in., 23.5 by 37.7 cm

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