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Keisai Eisen

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Keisai Eisen beauty holding umbrella in snowKeisai Eisen Geisha Ascending Stairs with Shamisen BoxKeisai Eisen Shadows on the Shoji: Beauty Holding a Letter
Keisai Eisen Yoshiwara, Station FifteenKeisai Eisen Modern Specialties and Dyed Fabrics: Sound of Insects at the Bank on the SumidaKeisai Eisen Biensennyo-ko (Face Powder): Reading a Letter
Keisai Eisen Young Woman Walking Under UmbrellaKeisai Eisen TheaterKeisai Eisen Reading Books
Keisai Eisen DollsKeisai Eisen Ryogoku Bridge, Woman of Light-Hearted AppearanceKeisai Eisen The Amused Type, Sumida River
Keisai Eisen Evening Bell at TomigaokaKeisai Eisen Evening Snowfall at BentenKeisai Eisen The Syllable 'I,' Tatsunokuchi, Oi of Sugataebi-ya
Keisai Eisen Festival Days of Nuptial-tie Temples: Seishoko Temple at Shirogane  
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Keisai Eisen Grass on the Way of Love- Ueno Teahouse WaitressKeisai Eisen Grass on the Way of Love: Geisha on the Sumida River