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Hiroshi Yoshida, by title

Himeji Castle- Morning
Himeji Castle- Evening
Seta Bridge
Chion-in Temple Gate
Yoshida Village
Sumida River- Afternoon
Niagara Falls
Tone River
Ruins of Athens (Acropolis- Day) [pink test print]
Little Harbour
Gion Shrine Gate
A Glimpse of Ueno Park
From the Summit of Komagatake (green-blue variant)
Sphinx - Night
Edo Castle (The old inner citadel)
Cryptomeria Avenue
Hirosaki Castle
Climbing Snow Valley
Bamboo Grove
In a Temple Yard
Mount Hodaka
Numazaki Pasture
Spring Rain at Yozakura
New York
The Southern Japan Alps Series: From the Summit of Komagatake (green-blue variant)
A Little Temple Gate, The Gate to Bunnosuke Teahouse
Yasaka Shrine
Toshogu Shrine
Omuro, At the Temple Grounds
Fuji in the Evening