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Katsukawa Shunsho, 1726-1792
Segawa Kikunojo III as Otatsu Iwai Hanshiro Iv as Otsugi Nakamura Riko I as Okaji
each sheet signed Shunsho ga, with Hayashi cseal, ca. 1784
hosoban 29.3 by 44.2 cm
This print illustrates the opening act of part two of the play Fude-hajime kanjicho (First Calligraphy of the New Year: Kanjicho [The Subsription List]), performed in the 1st month of Tenmei 4 [1784] at the Nakamura Theater. The scene opens with the three leading onnagata at the Mieido fan shop: standing on a black lacquer fan box at the center is Iwai Hanshiro IV (1747-1800) as Otsugi (who is Ise no Sabruo's sister Hamaogi); at the right Segawa Kikunojo III (1751-1810) as the fan maker Otatsu (who is Hanazono, daughter of the warrior Kamada Shoji); and at the left Nakamura Riko I (Nakamura Matsue I, 1742-1786) as the fan maker Okaji (who is the court lady Tamamushi). As the Nakamura Theater burned down in the previous year, this production in the newly rebuilt theater was considered the opening of the season.
For a discussion of the play and a detail from the illustrated program, see Clark & Ueda, The Actor's Image: Print Makers of the Katsukawa School, pp. 314-315.
Ex Collection Adolphe Stoclet, Brussels
Published: Highlights of Japanese Printmaking: Part One, Scholten Japanese Art, New York, 2005, no. 11