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Ito Enryu- Zhao Yun, Marquis Shunping of Shu

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, 1839-1892

Eastern Flowers of Rough Stories from the Floating World: Ito Enryu; Zhao Yun, Marquis Shunping of Shu
(Azuma no nishiki ukiyo kodan: Ito Enryu; Shoku Junpei-Ko Choun)

signed Ikkaisai Yoshitoshi hitsu, with carver's seal Horiko Hatsu, publisher's seal Shiba, Yamajin (Yamashiroya Jinbei of Sansendo), and combined censor and date seal U-kyu, aratame (year of the hare [1867], 9th lunar month, examined)

oban tate-e 14 1/8 by 9 5/8 in., 36 by 24.4 cm

Depicted here is Zhao Yun, Marquis Shunping of Shu (Shoku Junpei-ko Choun), from a story retold by Ito Enryu (possibly Enryu II, 1801-1855), based on the legendary hero from the early Three Kingdoms Period (184-280) in China. He was a close companion of Liu Bei (161-223; Jp: Gentoku), and is depicted here riding his horse through smoke to rescue Liu Bei's infant son during the Battle of Changban in 208. In the midst of the battle, Zhao Yun mysteriously rides off, prompting some to suspect he had surrendered. However, Liu Bei refused to believe that his most trusted ally would abandon him at such a time of need. He was reward for that faith soon thereafter as Zhao Yun returned with his son who he had rescued from the fray.

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