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Observant, A Kyoto Waitress in the Meiji Era

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, 1839-1892

Thirty-Two Aspects of Customs and Manners: Observant, A Kyoto Waitress in the Meiji Era
(Fuzoku sanjuniso: okigatsukiso meiji nenkan saikyo nakai no fuzoku)

signed Yoshitoshi ga, with artist's seal Taiso, carver's seal horiko Yokichi, and publisher's date and address seal Meiji nijuichinen, gogatsu, jugoka; Tokyo Nihonbashi Bakurocho Nichome 14-banchi, Tsunajima Kamekichi (Meiji 21 [1888], May 15) of Tsujiokaya Kamekichi of Kinkido

oban tate-e 14 3/4 by 9 7/8 in., 37.4 by 25.1 cm

A Kyoto waitress removes her metal hairpin to trim candle wax from a collapsible paper lantern. She is a fine example of 'okigatsukiso, or 'observant'. She appears focused on her task, but seems oblivious to the fact that her kimono and underrobe are half open. Perhaps she is a bit too preoccupied with the lantern and has forgotten to be mindful of her overall demeanor. A dusting of mica in the black area of the sky creates the effect of a starry night.

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