Paul Binnie, Niagara Falls, oil on canvas, 2008

Paul Binnie, Scottish, b. 1967

Niagara Falls

oil on canvas painting, framed; signed at lower right Binnie with artist's grey seal-form date 08 [2008]

24 by 16 7/8 in., 61 by 43 cm

In March of 2008, Binnie visited Niagara Falls for a cold day of painting on site from within the unheated viewing platform which juts out over the roar of the icy falls. Although he could have work with acrylic paint which tends to dry rather quickly and would have been a sensible option considering that he was traveling, he was determined to produce this work in his preferred medium of oil pigments. To accomplish this, he added extra turpentine to the pigments which would speed the drying, and he brought an artist's canvas board in his suitcase which he packed within a 2- or 3-inch-thick cardboard box, secured with double-sided tape against one side of the interior of the box to ensure that surface would not press up against anything while the oils were still wet. In 2009 his created a woodblock print of the same view.



Paul Binnie, Scottish, b. 1967

Travels with the Master: Niagara Falls
(Meishou To No Tabi: Naiagura bakufu)

with gofun (powdered oyster shell) on the snow in the foreground; signed in kanji at lower right, Bin-ni, followed by red artist's seal Binnie, series title at upper left, Meisho to no tabi, the print title below in katakana and in kanji, Naiagura bakufu, and in penciled English on the bottom margin, Niagara Falls, 14/100, embossed Binnie at the center of the bottom margin, and pencil signed at far right, Paul Binnie, April 2009

obaiban tate-e 26 3/8 by 18 3/4 in., 67 by 47.5 cm

This composition is Binnie's most recent addition to his landscape series, Travels with the Master, where he revisits and reinterprets locales depicted by his favorite shin hanga landscape artist, Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950). While Yoshida's Niagara Falls was a horizontal composition in the dai oban size (approx. 12 by 18 in.), Binnie presents a very large vertical composition of a completely different vantage (from the American side looking towards Canada), depicting the American Falls in the middle ground and the Horseshoe Falls behind.

This impression sold- another impression is available.



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