Kawase Hasui, Snow at Funabori

Kawase Hasui, 1883-1957

Snow at Funabori
(Funabori no yuki)

signed Hasui with artist's seal Kawase, with publisher's seal Hanken shoyu Iida Kunitaro followed by Seisaku Shunin Hirai (Production chief: Hirai) and Suri Sakakura (Printer: Sakakura), the title on the right margin, Funabori no yuki, followed by the date, Showa shichinen ichigatsu saku (work of Showa 7 [1932], 1st month)

15 1/4 by 7 1/2 in., 38.6 by 19.2 cm

Although some impressions of this print bear the seal of the publisher Doi Sadaichi, this impression was published by Iida Kunitaro, whose seal is also found on another tanzaku print associated with Doi from the same year (Dusk at Itako). It would seem that while Doi was most likely the original publisher of both designs, he briefly consigned publication of the prints to Iida Kunitaro in the 1930s, where the production was supervised by the carver and printer Hirai Koichi and the printing was done by Sakakura Seijiro.

Kendall H. Brown, Kawase Hasui: The complete woodblock prints, 2003, no. 268
Ross Walker and Doi Toshikazu, The Catalogue Raisonne of Tsuchiya Koitsu: Meiji to Shin Hanga, Watercolours to Woodblocks, 2008, p. 259-260, 295 (re: Doi and Iida Kunitaro)



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