Katsushika Hokusai, 1760-1849

Warriors Illustrated: China and Japan
(Wakan ehon sakigake sho-hen)

ehon, 1 vol. complete; with worn black/brown cover with title slip Ehon Sakigake, zen (replaced); the title page with a longer title, Wakan ehon sakigake sho-hen, and signed Zen Hokusai Aratame Gakyo-rojin Manji Iitsu; dated on the colophon Tenpo shichi Hinoe-Saru-nen (Tenpo 7, 1836, 'younger brother fire-monkey': the zodiac and elemental combination for that year), shogatsu hako (published in the 2nd month), published by Wanya Kibei

ehon 8 7/8 by 6 1/8 in., 22.6 by 15.6 cm

This volume is the first from a warrior trilogy illustrated by Hokusai. The second, Ehon musashi abumi (Picture Book- The Stirrups of Musashi), was published in 1836 only one month after Wakan ehon sakigake. The third, Ehon wakan no homare, although signed by Hokusai 'in his seventy-seventh year,' (1835), was actually published posthumously in 1850. Hokusai wrote the introduction to the preface of this first volume himself.

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