Shibayama Shokasai

(early 19th century) inro

four-case lacquer inro decorated with a grasshopper in the moonlight

height 3 1/4 in., 8.1 cm

four-case inro decorated with a grasshopper on trailing gold takamakie and hiramakie autumnal grasses, vines, and bush clover against a roiro evening sky with a silver-gold togidashi moon at the upper left; the grasshopper is formed of applied translucent horn stained green and yellow-brown; the blossoms of the bush clover are red hiramakie, details on the leaves are of inlaid aogai and placed silver and gold kirikane; the reverse with a stream of simple gold hiramakie, and two takamaki-e dragonflies; the risers are decorated with scrolling leafy vines etched into black lacquer revealing a white lacquer beneath; oval agate ojime, inro signed Shokasai saku

There are a number of lacquer artist that used the go Shokasai, most seem to be associated with the Shibayama family of lacquerers. The combination of kanji used for the 'sho' and 'ka' on this inro are associated with Shokasai Shibayama, who Jonas described (Netsuke, 1928) as "the most successful in upholding the name of Shibayama with his encrusted lacquerwork in the early 19th century" (Wrangham, Index of Inro Artists, p. 251).

Scholten Japanese Art Exhibition Catalogue 2000, New York, September 2000, no. 55

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