Paul Binnie
Paul Binnie

Paul Binnie, Scottish, b. 1967

A Hundred Shades of Ink of Edo: Hokusai's Waterfalls
(Edo zumi hyaku shoku: Hokusai no Taki)

the series title cartouche in the upper right margin, the print title to the left, with the first portion, Hokusai no, in the style of Hokusai's signature, followed by a picture of a waterfall representing taki, signed in gold kanji at lower left, Bin-ni, followed by artist's red seal in the shape of a barrel (ready to go over the falls) that is comprised of the letters Binnie, pencil numbered and signed on the bottom margin, 25/100 Paul Binnie, ca. January - April 2006

oban tate-e 16 3/4 by 12 1/8 in.
42.7 by 30.9 cm

Paul Binnie: A Dialogue with the Past - The First 100 Japanese Prints, 2007, p. 129, no. 92


Paul Binnie, Scottish, b. 1967


Hokusai prints from the series A Journey to the Waterfalls in All the Provinces

pink baren sujizuri ground and mica water streaming down the figure's back, signed with gold pigment at left, Bin-ni, with artist's circular seal Binnie, numbered, titled and signed in pencil on the bottom margin, 10/30, Shower, Paul Binnie, ca. February - May 2006

oban tate-e 16 5/8 by 12 1/4 in.
42.2 by 31.1 cm

For each design in the Edo Ink (Edo zumi) series Binnie produced non-tattoo versions in smaller editions of only thirty impressions. The alternate palettes emphasize the nudes themselves, juxtaposing the exposed skin against rich red or pink grounds, and eliminating the ukiyo-e references found in the cartouches, signatures and pictogram seals. The use of mica to represent the falling water is particularly effective.

Paul Binnie: A Dialogue with the Past - The First 100 Japanese Prints, 2007, p. 117, no. 80



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