Tsukioka Yoshitoshi


Brocade Pictures for Moral Education: Mother Meng's Teaching
(Nishiki-e shushindan: Mobo no oshie)

signed oju Yoshitoshi ga, with artist's seal Taiso, published by Fukyusha, ca. 1882-84

chuban yoko-e 8 3/4 by 10 5/8 in., 22.3 by 26.9 cm

This print was likely issued as a supplement to a collaborative set of six volumes, Brocade Pictures for Moral Education, which illustrated moral fables by Yamana Tomezaburo based on history and legends. This scene relates to the Chinese story of Mother Meng, the mother of Meng Ke (known in the West as Mencius, ca. 371-289), who was famous as a role model for how she raised her son on her own after her husban died when Mencius was a toddler. In one episode, in response to her son's lack of enthusiasm and effort with his schooling, Mother Meng cut the fabric she had been weaving on her loom, comparing the severing of the fabric which was their livelihood with the severing of his education. Mencius now understood the importance of an education and applied himself dilegently henceforward.

Amy Reigle Newland & Chris Uhlenbeck, Yoshitoshi: Masterpieces from the Ed Fries Collection, 2011, pp. 155 no. 27
Yuriko Iwakiri, Yoshitoshi, 2014, no. 321

price: $650


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