Kawase Hasui


Pictures of the Mitsubishi Fukagawa Villa: Pond-side Rest House with Pines
(Mitsubishi Fukagawa bettei no zu: Matsu no chihan no ryotei)

signed Hasui with artist's square seal Hasui, publisher's seal Watanabe, dated Taisho kyu (Taisho 9 [1920])

7 3/8 by 18 7/8 in., 18.8 by 47.8 cm

The Iwasaki family (owners of Mitsubishi) initially approached the artist Kaburagi Kiyokata (1878-1973) regarding a commission to design a group of prints illustrating their beautiful villa located at Fukugawa in eastern Tokyo, with the intention of giving the prints to domestic and foreign clients. As Kiyokata was primarily a figural artist, he recommended his student Hasui, who had begun to publish landscape prints with Watanabe Shozaburo (1885-1962) in the autumn of 1918. The resulting group of eight works were produced on commission by Watanabe, all dated 1920 but published without a series or print title. As such, individual designs are known by various descriptive titles.

Although prints from the series presumably would not have been in Watanabe's inventory at the time of the Great Kanto Earthquake on September 1, 1923, and thus not necessarily subject to the same destruction by fire as the rest of the Hasui prints in storage, extant impressions from the Iwasaki series are nevertheless quite scarce.

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(inv. no. 10-5426)

price: $16,500 (reserved)

Kawase Hasui
available in museum-quality frame


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