Hashiguchi Goyo


Spring Field
(Haru no no)

with artist's seal Goyo, published in circa 1910-1912 in the magazine Shintenchi (New Land) by the Waseda University, this impression currently tipped into the April 18, 1911 issue of Gendai Gashu magazine published by Shunyodo, ca. 1910-12

print 5 1/8 by 8 3/8 in., 12.9 by 21.2 cm
magazine 10 by 7 3/8 in., 25.5 by 18.7 cm

This exceedingly rare composition is not illustrated in any of the standard references on Goyo, the only published example from the collection of Darrel C. Karl is illustrated in Marks 2015 exhibition catalogue, Seven Masters. The print would have originally been tipped in as the frontispiece to an issue of the magazine Shintenchi (New Land), but is currently tipped in to this April 18, 1911 issue of Gendai Gashu which lists a different Goyo print in the table of contents, Yugure (Evening), depicting a crow perched on a tree in a wind-swept landscape. Although a replacement, 'Spring Field' is far more scarce than the original frontispiece.

In addition, this issue of Gendai Gashu is of particular interest as it contains a transcription of a talk given by Goyo himself titled Decorative Design and Originality (Soushoku zuan to orijinariti, p. 12). Other artists who contributed artwork include Igawa Sengai, Itou Seiu, Okano Sakae, Okada Saburousuke, Ota Saburou, Kaburaki Kiyokata, Nakazawa Hiromitsu, Nakano Shuji, Natori Shunsen, Uchida Houchoku (or Tomonao), Migata Toshihide, Sugiura Hisui,, Kobayashi Eijirou, Kondou Shiun, Saitou Shoushu, and Hirezaki Eihou. There are also articles written by Hirezaki Eihou, Kaburaki Kiyokata, Okada Saburousuke, Nakazawa Hiromitsu, Migita toshihide and Tsukamoto Yasushi.

Mitsunobu Sato, Hashiguchi Goyo ten, Tokyo Shinbun, 1995, p. 104, no. 63 (Goyo, Evening, 1911)
Iwakiri Shin'ichiro, et. al., Seitan 130-nen Hashiguchi Goyo ten, Chiba City, 2011, p. 130, no. 342 (Goyo, Evening, 1911)
Andreas Marks, Seven Masters: 20th-Century Woodblock Prints from the Wells Collection, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 2015, p. 17, fig. 6 (Darrel C. Karl Collection)

(inv. no. C-3478)

price: Sold

Hashiguchi Goyo


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