Utagawa Kuniyoshi


Mirror of Women of Wisdom and Courage: Kaji of Gion
(Kenyu fujo kagami: Kaji no Gion)

signed Ichiryusai Kuniyoshi ga, with artist's red hat seal, Tanaka censor seal, and publisher's seal 'Ei' of Takahashiya Takakichi (Bun'eido of Ichigaya), ca. 1843-44

oban tate-e 14 5/8 by 10 1/8 in., 37.2 by 25.8 cm

This series presents famous women from history or present day along with an associated flower as viewed within a roundel of a circular mirror. In this case, Gion Kaji (or Kajijo- Lady of the Mulberry Leaf) was the owner of the Matsuya tea house located south of the gate to Gion Shrine (now known as Yasaka Shrine) in Kyoto. She was was renowned for her poetry and in 1707 the Edo poet Miyazaki Ameishi (d. 1758) published a collection of her waka poems in the volume, Kaji no ha, with illustrations by the Kyoto textile designer Miyazaki Yuzen (d. 1758). She was reputedly a niece of the Rinpa school painter Ogata Korin (1658-1716), although that may be an apocryphal embellishment that evolved from her association with the Kyoto artistic milieu. In this portrait set within a round mirror, Kuniyoshi presents Kaji paired with the kikyo (bell flower)- a favorite subject of the Rinpa artists.

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