Natori Shunsen


New Versions of Figures on the Stage: Actor Nakamura Kanzaburo XVII as the Tobacconist Genshichi
(Shinpan butai no sugata-e: Nakamura Kanzaburo, Tobakoya Genshichi)

signed Shunsen with artist's red maple leaf seal, publisher's seal Watanabe (Watanabe Shozaburo), ca. 1951

dai oban tate-e 15 3/4 by 10 5/8 in., 40 by 27 cm

The actor Nakamura Kanzaburo XVII (1909-1988) is in the role of the tobacconist Genshichi from the play Komochi Yamanba (The Mountain Witch Mother). Genshichi is a tobacco peddler who is invited to the palace of Iwakamura no Kanefuyu and soon finds himself embroiled in palace intrigue. He successfully prevents the abduction of a princess by insisting the would-be kidnapper smoke tobacco to excess while the princess safely steals away. Genshichi is also a talented singer and shamisen player, and provides the audience a reprieve from the action with frequent musical interludes.

Later in the play, Genshichi is revealed to be Tokiyuki, the estranged husband of the beautiful Yamanba no Yaegiri. On the pretext of avenging his father's death, Tokiyuki abandoned his wife. However, as is clear by his current occupation, Genshichi has long ago abandoned that intention, and instead has been living a life of careless adventure while Yaegiri was forced to work in the pleasure quarters. When they meet in the following act, she is furious to see him in such a capacity and insists that he commit seppuku.

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his wife, Yamanba no Yaegiri, by Shunsen, 1952 view print

price: $1,500

Natori Shunsen


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