Kasamatsu Shiro


Gokokuji Temple Bellfry, Clear Weather After Snowfall
(Gokoku-ji Shoro, yukibare)

signed at lower right Shiro, with artist's red square seal, the title along the left margin, Gokoku-ji Shoro, yukibare, followed by the date, Showa hachinen sangatsu (Showa 8 [1933], March), with publisher's (Hotei 'D') seal on right margin, Hanken shoyu Watanabe Shozaburo (copyright ownership Watanabe Shozaburo), 1933

oban tate-e 15 1/4 by 10 3/8 in., 38.6 by 26.4 cm

The Gokokuji is a well-preserved and picturesque Shingon Buddhist temple located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. It was founded in 1861 by the fifth Shogun, Tokugawa Tsunayoshi (1646-1709) who dedicated it to his mother. The Gokoku-ji is one of the few Edo Period historic sites that managed to survive the numerous catastrophic events that have leveled parts of Tokyo in the modern era, including the Boshin Civil War of the late 1860s, the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake that triggered fire storms, and the extensive bombings by the Americans at the close of World War II.

(inv. no. 10-5217)

price: $1,900


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