Utagawa Hiroshige


One Hundred Famous Views of Edo: Hatsune Riding Grounds, Bakuro-cho
(Meisho Edo hyakkei: Bakuro-cho Hatsune no Baba)

signed Hiroshige ga with publisher's seal Shitaya, Uoei (Sakanaya Eikichi of Uo-ei), censor's seal aratame (examined) and date seal Mi-kyu (year of the snake [1857], 9th lunar month)

oban tate-e 14 1/2 by 9 3/4 in., 36.7 by 24.9 cm

The Hatsune riding grounds were originally reserved for use by the shogun's retainers to exercise their horses, but due to its location as the origin point for the Oshu-kaido Road, the area evolved into a focal point for accomodating visitors to Edo. The open area was apparently utilized by the nearby fabric dyers of Kon'ya-cho to air-dry their wares.

Compared to other prints from this popular series, variant impressions of this design display relatively minor differences, primarily the only noticable changes are to the combinations of colors used on the cloth panels stretching across the composition. Most later printings feature a simplified combination of printing using only two colors on alternating panels, such as purple and blue; or all four cloth panels in hues of blue. While early impressions, such as this example with very fine woodgrain in the sky, utilize three different colors for the first three panels, and subtle (but labor intensive) nunome-zuri ('fabric printing') on the lowest-hanging panel of white cloth.

Henry D. Smith II, One Hundred Famous Views of Edo, 1986, no. 6

(inv. no. C-3298)

price: $5,400


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