Zenzai Doji

unsigned, 15th/16th century (late Muromachi period)

Juroku Zenshin, Bosatsu's Sixteen Protectors

hanging scroll, ink, colors and gold on silk, mounted with brocade, with bronze rollers decorated with scrolling lotus blossoms, details highlighted with gilt

painting: 45 1/2 by 24 1/4 in., 115.5 by 61.5 cm
overall: 30 7/8 by 79 7/8 in., 203 by 78.5 cm

The subject of this painting, the Juroku Zenshin or The Sixteen Protectors, is closely associated with the Hanya Shinkyo Sutra, which is the most common sutra utilized in Japanese Buddhism. Shaka Nyorai (Sakyamuni Buddha) is depicted seated at center while flanked by the Bodhisattva of Universal Goodness, Fugen Bosatsu, seated on a white elephant to his right, and the Bodhisattva of Transcendent Wisdom, Monju Bosatsu, seated on a blue shishi (Buddhist lion) to his left. The triad is surrounded by sixteen guardians who protect the directional gates to prevent evil spirits from entering the secular world. The physical world is represented by a worshipping monk at the lower right holding a fly whisk in his right hand and a rolled sutra in his left hand.



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