Toyohara Kunichika

by title...

Fifty-Four Modern Feelings (Matched with the Fifty-Four Chapters of Genji)

Genji gojuyonjo

Fashionable Modern Clothing

Tosei gata zokui zoroi

The Popularity of the Upstairs Dressing Room

Gakuya no nikai kage no hyoban

Mirroring of the Flowering Manners and Customs

Kaika ninjo kagami

The Tale of Momoyama

Momoyama monogatari

One Hundred Roles of Ichikawa Danjuro IX

Ichikawa Danjuro engei hyakuban

Four Famous Wise Men of the Theater

Meiyu shikunshi

Six Selected Actors

Haiyu Rokka Sen

One Hundred Roles of Onoe Baiko

Baiko hyaku-shu no uchi

Actors as Underworld Characters in Hit Plays

Isa shiranami atari goketsu

Mirror Sketches from the Backstage Dressing Room

Shasei gakuya kagami

Mirror Sketches from the Backstage Dressing Room

Shashin gakuya kagami

The Mirror of Backstage in Full Bloom

Hanazakari gakuya no sugatami

Newly Published Wigs to Put On

Shinpan katsura-tsuke

The Golden Gate and the Paulownia Crest

Sanmon gosan no kiri

Actors Back Stage

Haiyu gakuya no omokage

Thirty-two Fashionable Physiognomies

Tosei sanjuni so


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