Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

by title...

One Hundred Aspects of the Moon

Tsuki hyakushi

New Selection of Eastern Brocade Pictures

Shinsen axuma nishiki-e

New Forms of Thirty-Six Ghosts

Shingata sanjurokkaisen

Thirty-Two Aspects of Customs and Manners

Fuzoku sanjuniso

Fifty-Three Stations with a Folding Fan

Suehiro gojusan tsugi

Tokyo Restaurants and Their Very Beautiful Dishes

Tokyo ryori sukoburu beppin

A Modern Journey to the West

Tsuzoku saiyuki

One Hundred Tales of China and Japan

Wakan hyakumonogatari

Eastern Flowers of Rough Stories from the Floating World

Azuma no nishiki ukiyo kodan

Eight Views of Warriors in the Provinces

Shokoku musha hakkei

Yoshitoshi’s Courageous Warriors

Yoshitoshi musha burui

Valor in China and Japan

Wakan goki-zoroi

Essays by Yoshitoshi

Ikkai zuihitsu

A Comparison of the Special Dishes of Restaurants in the Imperial City

Koto kaiseki beppin kurabe

Eight Honorable Ways of Conduct

Meiyo hakko no uchi

Yamato Shinbun Supplements

Yamato Shinbun Furoku

Beauties and Seven Daytime Flowers

Bijin shichiyoka

Individual Pictorial Biographies of the Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai

Seichu gishi meimei gaden

Self-made Men Worthy of Emulation

Kyodo Risshi no Moto

Mirror of Women Ancient and Modern

Kokon [Kokin] hime kagami

Tales of Great Warriors

Bidan Musha Hakkei

New Selection of Six Monsters

Shinyo rokkai sen

Personalities of Recent Times

Kinsei jinbutsu shi

Chronicle of the Conquest of Kagoshima

Kagoshima setoki no uchi

A Complete Chronicle of the Conquest of Kagoshima

Kagoshima seito zenki no uchi

A Mirror of Famous Commanders of Great Japan

Dai Nippon meisho kagami

Snow, Moon and Flowers

Setsugekka no uchi


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