Presented here are works produced by American and European artists inspired by Japanese woodblock printing techniques. Use the prints tab in the toolbar above to navigate to all artists and other genres or visit recent print additions to see all newly added prints.

Paul Jacoulet, 1902-1960
Beaute Japonaise Moderne (Kobe)
B. J. O. Nordfeldt, 1878-1955
The Bridge
Emil Orlik, 1870-1932
Woman Gathering Wood in a Forest
(Holzsammlerin im Walde)
Helen Hyde, 1868-1919
Mt. Orizaba from Jalapa [Mexico]
Marguerite Peters Gifford, 1887-1969
Side Gate at Doshisha University, Kyoto [Gardener's Cottage]
(Doshisha Tokiwai Mon)
Lilian May Miller, 1895-1943
Morning Snow on Bamboo, Japan (A)
Charles W. Bartlett, 1860-1940
Taj Mahal
Elizabeth Keith, 1887-1956
Buddhist Priest, Kyoto, Japan
Shirley Russell, 1886-1985
Carmel Mission
Emile A. Verpilleux, 1888-1964
The River From Waterloo Bridge
Amédée Joyau, 1872-1913
On the Cliff, Donville
(Sur la Falaise, Donville)
Edna Boies Hopkins, 1872-1937

Anders Gustave Aldrin

Ann Dunlap Alexander

Cyrus L. Baldridge

Charles W. Bartlett

attributed to J. I. Block

Pieter Irwin Brown (Peter Van Oordt)

Felix Hilaire Buhot

Friedrich Capelari

Marguerite Peters Gifford

Edna Boies Hopkins

Edna Boies Hopkins Petunias


Helen Hyde

Paul Jacoulet

Amédée Joyau

Elizabeth Keith

Richmond Irwin Kelsey

Richmond Irwin Kelsey untitled (Two Sailboats)

untitled (Two Sailboats)
$750 (reserved)

Ethel Kirkpatrick

Ethel Kirkpatrick A June Day

A June Day
$2,000 (reserved)

Edward Loxton Knight

Jacques La Grange

Samuel Bryant Lang (Lancaster)

Samuel Bryant Lang (Lancaster) The Point

The Point

Elyse Ashe Lord

Bertha Lum

Helene Maß

Stanton MacDonald-Wright

Ora Inge Maxim

Mortimer Menpes

Lilian May Miller

Kaiko Moti

Philip Gregory Needell

B. J. O. Nordfeldt

B. J. O.  Nordfeldt The Bridge

The Bridge

Hugo Noske

Noel Nouet

Emil Orlik

Charles Hovey Pepper

John Edgar Platt

Henri Riviere

Mabel A. Royds

Mabel A. Royds Foxgloves


Shirley Russell

Max Schodl

Anton Schutz

Willy Seiler

Emile A. Verpilleux


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